10 Extremely Beautiful Moths Family-largest moth species with pictures

10 Extremely Beautiful Moths Family In The World

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10 Extremely Beautiful Moths Family In The World. Today we are going to show you guys something new and different. We want to use this medium to thank you guys for your wise selections on the previous edition of this article and now we bring to you the top 10 extremely beautiful moths family in the world or better still, top 10 most beautiful Lepidoptera in the world. Some of these gorgeous insect are nocturnal i.e. they are night time insect. Your opinion is needed on this list too, but we are pretty sure that this is what you wanted.

10.Cinnabar MothExtremely Beautiful Moths

This is the 10th most beautiful moths in the world, isn’t it gorgeous? Of cause it does and the most interesting thing about this moth is that they are not only nocturnal; they can be seen at broad day light to. Cinnabar Moth red markings forewings and scarlet hind-wings is what make this insect exceptional. They inhabit in meadows, wastelands, as well as down lands, so it can easily be seen around. Mostly found across: Europe

9. Polyphemus MothBeautiful Moths 

Polyphemus is one of the most beautiful moths you could ever think of and it happens to be the No nine topper on this list. This moth is one of its kind, so you can easily identify it if not through anything, at least by the small yellow eyespot on it forewings. Red, gray and brown wings and it large black-white rings hind-wing eyespot. Mostly found across: America

8. Tau Emperor MothBeautiful Moths Family In The World

Tau Emperor is yet another beautiful creature you probably knew nothing about. But one confusing thing about this moth is that the female ones are only active during the night period, while the male ones are active both night and day time. They have mixed brown and white colors that made them among the most beautiful and of cause, topping the eight positions here. Mostly found across: Eurasia

7. Giant Leopard Moth Extremely Beautiful Moths Family In The World

The giant leopard moth is beautiful eyed tiger moth that inhabits in woodlands, farmlands, and gardens and is known to be a very strong night-time insect. No doubt this insect is so damn beautiful with attractive magnificent colors. Mostly found across: America

6. Garden Tiger Moth

This insect could be poisonous when threatened even though it’s beautiful. They have white gorgeous forewings, an attractive black marking, a spotted black and carroty hind wings colors. Garden Tiger Moth is the sixth topper of the list of 10 extremely beautiful moths in the world and I think it worth it. Mostly found across: Eurasia and North America

5. Hummingbird Hawk Moth

Hummingbird Hawk Moth is a gorgeous and busy looking moth that lived in woodlands, grasslands, farmlands, gardens and forests. They mostly loved by their unique long proboscis and grayish – chocolate forewings as well as their carroty hind wings. They could be seen both night time and day time and believe me, this moth is really enticing. Mostly found across: Europe, Africa, Asia, and Russia mainly.

4. Cecropia Moth

Cecropia Moth is a nocturnal insect that has an undoubted unique beauty that you rarely found among other moths. This moth has a rare ruddy body, mixed of ruddychocolate wings with milky colors at the wings tips. Now you hardly see some of these colors on other moths and this makes the cecropia moth incomparable. Mostly found across: United States, Canada and North America

3. Madagascan Moon Moth

Madagascan moon is not only beautiful, but an amazing insect that have some unique characteristics that other moths don’t have at all. Madagascan moon moths are widely known as the biggest silk moths and could be called cometh moth as well. I don’t have much thing to say about this beautify creature, that to use three words for it ‘’epitome of beauty’’. Mostly found across: Rain-forests of Madagascar

2. Luna Moth

This funny looking but beautiful creature is basically located in the North American. Good looking specie that has about 4. 6 inches wingspan with greenish tail on each, with a one of a kind wide emerald color all through and finally with a magnificent eye spot. Mostly found across: Forests of Canada, United States, and Mexico

1. Atlas Moth most gorgeous Moths Family on earth

Atlas Moth is one of the world’s most beautiful insects, as you can see for yourself how gorgeous this insect looks. This specie is biggest of it kind in the world with a one of a kind attributes such as: having an extremely eye-catching rusty-brown fore and hind wings with mauve, crimson, fair-haired and black outlines as well. Mostly found across:Forests of Southeast Asia.

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