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10 Hottest Beauty Queens In Hollywood

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10 Hottest Beauty Queens In Hollywood. I know that many of you must have been longing to see this. These are the 10  gorgeous female singers that are extremely beautiful in the world currently. They are made of angelic voices and melodious tones that you will want to listen to over and over again. The damsels in our list today are wonderfully, fearfully made beauty queens that popular magazines in the world always like using their face their magazines cover. It wasn’t an easy task organizing this list, as there are millions of beautiful female singers out there, but we were able to put this list together based on viewer’s choice and what people are interested on.

10.Carrie UnderwoodHottest Beauty Queens

Today on our number 10 lists, we have the winner of the American Idol season four in 2005, Carrie Underwood. Yeah, we have the talented 34years old American actress, songwriter and singer who nearly gave up on her dream of singing after she finished High School, but thank goodness she did not.

9. Beyonce Shawn Jay-ZBeauty Queen

Meet the 35 years old Beyonce, an American actress, songwriter, singer and dancer, who started dancing with her childhood friend Kelly Rowland at a very tender age. On the 4th April, she got married to Shawn Corey Carter popularly known as Jay-Z one of the best selling musicians of all time. She made a history by headlining the main Pyramid stage in 2011, which was made known as the only solo female artist to do that. She has about ‘one hundred and three million followers on instagram currently. What a beauty queen.

8. Jackie EvanchoHollywood

Jackie Evancho is one of the beauty queens on our list, who loves swimming, sewing, playing piano and violin and has a rare angelic voice which makes her fans to love her most. She is a beautiful damsel with a styled brown hair twirling about her lovely face, with pretty smiles and her romantic green eyes that are so charming. Even her parent didn’t recognized or knows how pretty good her voice is until she entered the Kean Idol on her 8th birthday which she took the second position at the end.

7. Ariana GrandeHottest

Ariana Grade has a very sweet, sexy voice with pretty face that is awesomely complemented by a beautiful figure. She  a dated the popular YouTube comedian Jai Brooks from 2012 to 2013 before they go their separate ways and later on, she now dated  Big Sean for few months before breaking up. She was born and raised a Roman Catholic, which she abandoned because of the church stance on gay activities. Her recent concert in Manchester was an unfortunate one, as one of the attendants happen to be a suicid bomber, which result the death of 50 innocent people and injured many of her fans.

6. ShakiraBeauty

Meet the beautiful Colombian mother of two, singer, dancer, songwriter, philanthropist and entrepreneur; Shakira who got married to one of the Barcelona FC key player Gerard Pique in 2011 till date. Her face exudes a natural glow which makes her look warm and polite and an innocent facial expression. Wait a minute; do you know that Shakira doesn’t like putting on makeup? Yeah she is really naturally blonde and pretty looking.

5. Demi Lovatoqueen

This lady has suffer from depression, emotional trauma and been bullied until she now went to Rehab at the age of 18. Lovato is one the American actress, singer and songwriter that are believe by many to be beautiful both on the inside and outside at the same time. She has received numerous awards such as: ALMA Award, Teen Choice Award, MTV Video Music Award, Grammy Award, and many more and in 2013 she was ranked on Maxim hot 100 list. She is really an epitome of beauty.

4. Katy Perry

Perry voice is described by Rob Sheffield on Teenage Dream as a ‘’processed staccato blips’’ even though she receive praises and criticisms from people, she still strong and focus in pursuit of her musical career. Her skin is as white as snow, with a green eyes color and a pretty long hair that is as dark as ebony. In 2016, during the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign, Perry gave a mind blowing and energetic performance.

3. Avril LavigneBeauty Queens

We bring to you the 32 years old Canadian actress, songwriter and singer, whom beauty is inside out with luscious looking lips without comparison. Talking sweet romantic voice, she got it. Decent dressing code, she won it. She has received  so many  awards nominations such as:  eight Grammy Award nominations , three times American Music Award, one Brit Award in fact, she has received 221 award and been nominated for 301 times. She is the goddess of all beauty

2. Selena Gomez

She won the second position on our list today. Why, because she has an innocent facial expressions with ebony looking black long hair and a gorgeous sexy looking olive skin. One special thing about Gomez is that, her live performances sound exactly the way her recorded songs does, which means that she doesn’t apply much sound effect on her voice. She is an actress, model and singer born in 1992 with a special unique voice that is irreplaceable.

1. Taylor Swift

Finally, Taylor Swift was able to make it to the number one position of out 10 Female Singers That Are Beauty Queens. But do you think she deserve the position we gave her on this list? I think she does and hope you do same as well. Because Swift is not just only a singer with angelic voice, but a young talented American with extra-ordinary natural beauty will make you want to pay fortune just to sit close to her.  She has a pretty looking and enticing face with a natural blonde hair. In fact everything about Taylor Swift is pure natural with any artificial effects.

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