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Top 10 Shocking Human And Animal Marriage

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Top 10 Shocking Human And Animal Marriage. Knowing about this might be one of the biggest surprises of your life as it will keep you wondering how possible and true this might be. Nowadays, many things happen around us, as we see men getting married to their fellow men and women getting married to their fellow women as well. So this one shouldn’t come as a surprise to you even though it worth bending one’s mind, So we decided to drop the  Top 10 Shocking Human And Animal Marriage

  1. Selva Kumaranimal human relationship stories

This young Indian boy Selva Kumar was just 18 years old when he went deaf with paralyzed legs and hands as a result of killing and hanging the carcasses of two dogs he found mating in the bush. And according to their culture and traditions, anybody that did such act will face the calamity that befall on Selva Kumar and in order to get rid of the dog curse, the person have marry a female dog; hence the marriage between Kumar and the dog .This happen after fifteen years of killing the two dogs he saw mating i.e. he killed the dogs in 1992, and he married the female doge which was named after his first name ‘’Selva’’ in 2007.

  1. Joseph Guisohuman animal relationship movies

Joseph Guiso is the 20 years old Australian who got married to his Labrador in 2010 leaving the world in a big shock and surprise. The most surprising part is that, he was joined in matrimonyToowoomba’s Laurel Bank Park in Australia which most of his friends and families attended. That was the craziest mind blowing marriage between human being and animal in the world as of then.

  1. Sharon Tendleranimal and human relationship types

This Sharon Tendler, the Jewish millionaire who expresses her internal emotionsto a dolphin named ‘’Cindy ‘’ which she later got married to in 2005. Sharon Tendler married the love of her life, at an Israeli hotel and of cause; she met the dolphin 15 years earlier on the same resort. She loved the dolphin so much that she spendsmore quality time together with her love at least three times a year. After the marriage she kissed her in the front of the group and turned into tossed into the water to spend time together with her. However lamentably for Sharon as Cindy died, in June 18th 2006.

  1. Uwe MitzscherlichHuman and Animal

Mitzscherlich had a cat named Cecilia who became affected by asthma and were informed by medical doctors that the cat life span is almost finished, i.e. she has few time to live and after listening to the sad news, Uwe Mitzscherlichnow took the bold steps of marrying his female cat before she finally dies. Beside Marriage to an animal is unlawful in Germany. They even have a visitor, actress Christin-Maria Lohri, requested the man to mention, “I do,” as the cat say‘’meow’signifying ‘’ I do’’ as well in 2010.

  1. The Two Girls And Two Frogs MarriageHuman mating Animal Marriage

This wedding ceremony passed off to prevent the outbreak of mysterious illnesses in a village in India, which result the traditional marriage between two girls and two frogs, wearing a conventional Indian outfits which blanketed a sari and gold jewelry. I know that this might sound funny, but these two girlsactually married theses frogs! Leaving them with the title ‘’frog princes’’ which was carried out in separate ceremonies in a unique temples.

The villagers threw themselves into the ceremonies with gusto, while residents living inside the western a part of the village acted as household of the brides and people from the jap part play-acted as loved ones of the grooms. The ceremonies had all of the standard factors of a conventional marriage together with a sumptuous ceremonial dinner in 2009.

5.Karnamoni Handsaanimal with womens


The little 9years old Karnamoni Handsa, an antique tribal lady in Japanese India, who was reported in June 2003 of marrying a canine dog as a part of a ritual to keep off an “evil spell” on her. She had a tooth rooted to her top gum, that’s considered an awful omen by using her Santhal tribe).Although according to the elders of the land, they said that she might be free to marry again later but will not have to divorce the dog. What a culture!

4 Mark Matthewsanimal and human baby

This is another shocking marriage between animals and human being you probably never heard or seen before. This occurs in 1992, between a British television personality ’’ Mark Matthews’ ‘his horse which he named, ‘’Pixel’’.He unraveled the mystery of his relationships between him and his horse in 1998 but, he failed due to the fact zoophilia appeared too outrageous for some TV administrators consequently, the display became in no way broadcast.

  1. Ngurah Alit: The Balinese Teenagercross breeding humans and animals video

This particular news went viral some time in 2010, as it was reported that an 18 years old teenager Ngurah Alit was caught red handed having sexual intercourse with a cow that he claimed to be in love with . And according to the culture and tradition of the land, anybody that is been caught in such act will have no choice than to married to whatever he’s been caught with. Because it is considered an abominable act and Ngurah Alit was automatically join together with the cow as husband and wife, but after the marriage ceremony Ngurah Alit newly wedded wife i.e. the cow was thrown into the river to fulfill the final rituals.

  1. Charles Tombehuman animal relationship essay

Tombe is a Sudanese man who was asked to marry a she goat as his bride and pay the bride price worth over $80 to the goat owner some time in 2006 for been caught having sexual intercourse with the goat in a hiding corner of the man’s house. It’s really outrageous and abominable act, which is the main reason why he was force to marry the goat.

  1. Nepalese Manhuman animal relationship history

Rumors about human getting married to animal was once the most trending stuff on the internet years back, especially when an 75 years old Nalpales was caught in the act of getting married to a dog for lucks and breakthrough. It was really shocking hearing this, mostly when it was fully discovered that it was one the custom and traditions of his community Tharu. But the sad news is that this man actually died after getting married to so-called lucky dog and all these happen in 2004.

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