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10 Ways To Propose To An Igbo Girl And Get Her Say YES!

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10 Ways To Propose To An Igbo Girl And Get Her Say YES!. This list contain top 10 ways to propose to a girl from the following states that made up igboland. With these method of proposal in our list right here, you will get a 100% chance of winning her her and of cause get her say YES to your proposal. These proposing method is applicable to all tribes, but mostly work perfectly on the igbo girls in states like: Enugu, Anambra, Abia, Ebonyi, Delta, Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Benue, Edo & Kogi State.

1. Public Marriage Proposal

Select a favorite region, whether it’s a fountain, lodge rooftop, monument or national park—that has personal significance to the 2 of you. once you’re there, ask a person close by to take a photo of you collectively, and instead of posing, drop down on one knee.

2. Vacation  Marriage Proposal

After a protracted day of sightseeing, have a drink within the motel bar. while it’s time to go, have roses, candles and champagne all installation on your lodge room everything for a really perfect marvel thought.

3. Home made Marriage Proposal

Prepare dinner a five-megastar-worthy meal of all your fiance-to-be’s favourite meals, or hire a personal chef for the night. recommend over dessert!

4. Movie Break Marriage Proposal

Make a slideshow of pix and motion pictures of you collectively. Make arrangements to have it played earlier than your movie starts offevolved, and make certain to get there early just consider how valuable her face could be whilst she realises what goes on.

5. A Delectable Marriage Proposal

A stunning cake field is a tastier opportunity to a ring field. There’s no better way to recommend to a foodie than with the opposite love of her life. Take her to the web page of your first date. arrange to have the cake added out when it’s time for dessert. Get on one knee because it arrives and inform her why marrying you will be the icing at the cake of your lives. study also: legit snap shots of Noble & Chioma Igwe’s white wedding ceremony.

6. Work Marriage Proposal

Sneak into your soon-to-be fiance’s office or classroom before they come within the morning and write your notion on their desk or blackboard. stay hidden from sight until they show up.

7. Marvel Party Marriage Proposal

On any of your associate’s birthday, plan a “surprise birthday celebration,” after which pretend to damage the marvel with the aid of having him or her get there early. The real surprise could be when you recommend and all of your buddies and own family display up afterward to have fun.

8.  Well-Known Eating Place Marriage Proposal

earlier than you visit a restaurant together with your associate, you just move by myself and talk with the supervisor and set up an character room with simply 1 desk and 2 chairs with dim lighting fixtures. Then, you carry your lady friend there for dinner and primary wonder her with the preparations. at the same time as you having dinner, you just take off the ring out of your pocket and ask her “Will you marry me?”. most of the ladies like eating place proposals.

9. New Yaer Eve Marriage Proposal

New yr is one of the best time for love proposal. You bring your girlfriend for brand spanking new 12 months eve fireworks, if viable. At 11.fifty nine PM on thirty first of December ask your female friend, “I’m no longer asking you to marry me this yr, but will you marry me on next year?” sure, on the way to exercise session as soon as bells ring at precisely 12 in the nighttime.

10. Propose In The Area Where You Had Your First Date

Bring your lady friend to the location where you first met her. enthusiasts by no means overlook the location where they met first. It’s considered one of their maximum memorable region during their lifestyles. So once you convey here to that region, she could be happy and consider a few old reminiscences. Now you assert something like, “We’ve had an brilliant journey collectively to date, and now I assume we are ready to take the next step in that adventure. So will you marry me?” sincerely “yes” may be the answer.

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