10 Most Guarded Hillary Clinton Darkest Secrets- Americans Don't Know

Top 10 Most Guarded Hillary Clinton Darkest Secrets

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Top 10 Most Guarded Hillary Clinton Darkest Secrets. Hillary Clinton could be as fake, corrupt and controversial just like Donald Trump. She is known to be a scandalous and untrustworthy person due to some of her words she later goes against. Most people see the speech of this woman as chameleon that changes according to the weather or environment. Her closet is filled of uncovered skeletons that you could never imagine. But all the above statements were actually accusations from Americans who doesn’t like her ways of life. But could all these things be true? Is there an atom of truth therein? Now let’s look at some of the things she is been accused of in top 10 list.

10. Cozy Ties To Hideous RegimesGuarded Hillary Clinton Darkest Secrets

Clinton was accused of using her Foundation to collect money from some corrupt countries with disparate histories. These countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and Algeria has questionable and appalling attitude toward women. Not only that, but also towards gays, religious minorities, and promotion of LGBT rights and numerous dirty acts yet, Hillary ignored all these. She was actually fighting against some of these inhuman acts but secretly collecting money from the same people through her foundation. Now the big question is. Are all these accusations true? If it is, then who is fooling who?

9. Cash For AccessGuarded Hillary Clinton Darkest Secrets

Do you know that Salman the Crown Prince and heir apparent to the throne of Bahrain as well as supreme commander of the country army is mega donor of the Clint Foundation? As a matter of fact, the Crown Prince has donated over $32 million during Clinton regime as the Secretary of the United States.

This just occur to correspond with the State Department approving $630 million of commercial arms sales to Bahrain’s army—a 187 percent increase from the pre-Clinton State Department. Not once, not twice that such thing has happen yet she denies all of it. The stated mission of the foundation was to “strengthen the capacity of people in the United States and throughout the world to meet the challenges of global interdependence. Now the big question is, were all the huge amount of money that is coming in used for these purposes?

8. Setting The FBI On Innocent PeopleGuarded Hillary Clinton Darkest Secrets

Who among you remember who Bill Dale is? Anyways, Bill Dale is a well known and honorable man in the White House veteran; whose work is to arrange presidential trips as of 1993. Hillary Clinton called on FBI on him with a claim that he occupied a position she wanted for her friend. Just imagine the kind of nonsense this woman is doing.

The minute the Clintons come into the White House, Hillary started spreading rumors that Dale’s department was embezzling. She even go as far as making sure that Dale and his team got sacked but when the real truth come out, Hillary swear that the investigation of the FBI wasn’t her idea.

This made Dale to retire from the job he cherished most untimely.

7. Diverting Funds To FriendsGuarded Hillary Clinton Darkest Secrets

Could you believe that the Energy Pioneer Solutions (EPS) that Clinton Foundation set up a $2 million commitment to in 2010 was actually owned by her friends? Pioneer Solutions (EPS) is a group that insulates homes to increase energy efficiency which sound pretty good, but diverting money from the Foundation that its mission is made known to be “strengthen the capacity of people in the United States and throughout the world to meet the challenges of global interdependence, is so wrong!

EPS is a for-income business enterprise, so stakeholder’s advantage financially from such deals. Stakeholders for EPS include invoice Clinton’s private buddy Julie Tauber McMahon, plus the Democratic country wide Committee treasurer and Democratic operative Mark Wiener. All potentially profited from the Clinton basis deal.

6. Mind-Blowing IncompetencyGuarded Hillary Clinton Darkest Secrets

At least the common required ability of a Secretary of State is the ability of handling classified information without getting it exposed to wrong hands. Could you believe that during Clinton’s tenure at the State Department, she mishandled sensitive documents which finally fall into the hands of hackers; as a result of her carelessness.

While Secretary of State, could believe that this woman uses private server and unprotected devices to access some vital information? Not only that, she even uses some of these unsecured devices to store and send emails to private email addresses. By doing these, some Russian hacker now get access to her working computer. One of her staffers even lost a laptop full of confidential archived emails in the post! Just imagine the level of carelessness.

And at the end what happen; she gave her usual unreasonable annoying excesses…saying, ‘’ I am unaware of the procedures surrounding classified information’’. If you weren’t aware then, how the heck did she manage to become the Secretary of State? Now who is deceiving who?

  5. Hypocrisy On BoycottsGuarded Hillary Clinton Darkest Secrets

Clinton lately tweeted her guide for a boycott of North Carolina over its transgender bathroom laws. Not six months earlier, Hillary made a speech savaging everybody taking component within the boycotts towards Israel for its remedy of Palestinians.

We don’t want to make a fee judgment on both motives. Whether you aid them is up to you. But it’s far hypocritical to attack a boycott as a technique of protest for one of the whilst allowing it for the alternative. The sudden pride in boycotts was perhaps Clinton cynically jumping on the revolutionary bandwagon to win lower back a few wavering Sanders citizens.

4. Hypocrisy On RapeGuarded Hillary Clinton Darkest Secrets

On December three, 2015, Hillary Clinton tweeted: “each survivor of sexual assault merits to be heard, believed, and supported.” There’s one rape survivor Hillary has refused to believe: Juanita Broaddrick. the person Broaddrick accuses of raping her is invoice Clinton.

The allegations have in no way been demonstrated. The factor right here isn’t always whether or not it passed off or now not. The point is that Broaddrick’s tale is as a minimum as regular as that of many different assault victims. And if Clinton thinks all survivors must be believed, that includes believing Broaddrick.

But Hillary in addition than simply now not believes her. She denigrates her case, making it sound just like the fantasies of a deluded woman. She does the exact things she deplores others doing to attack survivors.

3. Defending A Child RapistGuarded Hillary Clinton Darkest Secrets

In 1975, Hillary Rodham defended a forty one-year-old manufacturing unit employee accused of raping a 12-year-old female. As a court-appointed attorney, Hillary had a responsibility to take the case. She did have a desire in how she presented her client’s defense, and she selected to do that via putting a 12-yr-vintage rape victim through hell.

The ones are the precise phrases of the child whose lifestyles Hillary dragged thru the mud. Nevertheless anonymous forty one-years later, the sufferer claim Hillary went to insane lengths to discredit her. She said the child turned into a fantasist, that she craved intercourse with older guys, that she came from a damaged domestic and constantly claimed guys were abusing her. These are all claims the sufferer says are verifiably untrue

2. Health Cover-UpsGuarded Hillary Clinton Darkest Secrets

Despite claiming to be fit and wholesome, Clinton has suffered more fitness scandals within the beyond few months than you can shake a proverbial stick at.

The maximum apparent is Clinton’s current bout of pneumonia, which brought on her to crumble at some stage in a 9-11 memorial ceremony. There are others, too. In January, Hillary suffered an excessive sinus contamination that required the insertion of a myringotomy tube. In March, she underwent a mind test. Possibly most shockingly of all, she claimed the screw-united states of America with her emails had been due to a 2012 concussion that scrambled her mind.

Those are all potentially critical for a person pushing 70. What’s even greater serious is that she lied about them?

1. Slush FundsGuarded Hillary Clinton Darkest Secrets

There are strict limits on how plenty campaigns can enhance according to person. Some percent are allowed to elevate more, as they spend on a couple of candidate (an Obama fund can also splash money on down-ballot Democrats, as an example). Hill % was supposedly one such %. But the Intercept determined most effective eleven percentages of its funds went to applicants. The relaxation went to buying trivial stuff off Hillary’s presidential marketing campaign for eye-watering sums—sums that, with ease, helped pay off her ’08 marketing campaign’s huge money owed.

for instance, Hill percent paid $822,492 to “rent” a listing of touch details off Hillary ’08, way above market charge. That cash went immediately to Hillary’s flagging presidential campaign.

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