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How To Get A Smaller Waist And Bigger Hips Without Exercise In A Week

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How To Get A Smaller Waist And Bigger Hips Without Exercise In A Week. How to get a smaller waist much more faster!

Avoid low-rise jeans

Wearing low-rise jeans when you have a little weight around the middle can be very unflattering as it creates the muffin top look.

The alternative to these jeans would be the high waist jeans which covers the excess fat on the waist, hips and give the effect of a smaller waist line.

These jeans can definitely be very flattering when worn with a shirt tucked in.

Wear body-shaping undergarments

Selecting the correct under garments can really show a reduction in your waistline.

Lingerie stores that carry top line undergarments usually carry those that are designed to support and smooth out your figure underneath.

You can opt to try shapewear, they have been found to be quite effective.


These another option you can go for. Centuries ago, these lingerie were worn under gowns of women of almost all age group as a figure enhancer, fast forward to the 21st century and corsets have recently gained renewed popularity for providing a seamless sexy silhouette, both on its own and under clothes.

The steel-boned corsets (don’t let the name frighten you, they aren’t painful – honestly!) are better at cinching your waistline, and can really permanently reduce your waist size with prolonged wear!

When choosing a corset, go for 4 – 5 inches (10.2–12.7 cm) smaller than your original waist size.

Here’s an example, if your waist is 26 inches currently then you can opt for a size 20 or 21 inch corset.  It is better for beginners to go for a 4 inch than a 5 inch difference though.

To know your waist size you just need to stand before a mirror with a measuring tape wound around the narrowest part of your waist, which is usually an inch or so above your belly button.

Even if you are the fittest girl around, you will still look like you have a muffin top if you wear jeans that are too small for you.

Take care when shopping for clothes, especially jeans.

If you’re not sure what your size is then take a friend with you who won’t be afraid to give their honest opinion or you can ask a store clerk to help you with the fitting.

Opt for European sizing preferably, which are usually less fickle and more honest than US sizing. It’s great to be able to show off your slim waist in jeans that actually fits!

Wear waist-cinching belts

By wearing waist-cinching belts, you are leading all attention to the nip in your waistline making it appear smaller than it really is.

They are great to wear over long tops, dresses and even winter coats as they accentuate the bust and causes a flare around the hips giving the illusion of an hour glass figure.

Your choice of belt can vary from braided, skinny, wide, jeweled, and the list is limitless!

Wear A-line dresses

A-line dresses are tight or narrow at the waistline but flares gradually as it extends towards the hem.

This makes the waistline seem really smaller as that’s where more of the emphasis is, while just gliding over any imperfections, if any, that the wearer may have around the hips and thighs.

A-line dresses are perfect for almost any body shape.

Avoid carbonated drinks and excess sodium

A very easy way to avoid excess salt is to reduce your consumption of processed, packaged foods as much as possible.

Excess sodium makes your body retain water and become swollen.

If you aim to get a tight, toned midsection, a well-balanced diet is very effective and has tons of benefits such as reducing the retention of water weight and keeping you at a healthy weight in the long run.

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