M.I Abaga's Biography, Award Won, Interviews, Net Worth & Photos

M.I Abaga’s Biography, Award Won, Interviews, Net Worth & Photos

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M.I Abaga's BiographyM.I Abaga’s Biography, Award Won, Interviews, Net Worth & Photos. Jude was  born in Jos, Plateau state. His dad and mom, Pastor and Mrs Abaga from Takum, Taraba kingdom, each of Jukun-Nigerian descent. He attended Baptist high college, Jos where his mother purchased fundamental song notations and later, a 7-key mini piano which released him into the track global. Jude has two brothers, Jesse Jagz who is also inside the Nigerian and African music scene, and Jason Abaga. all through Jude’s childhood, he might pay attention to tracks from Lauryn Hill, Bob Marley, Sarah Maclachlan, Pablo Neruda, Jay-Z and DMX.

Jude’s mission in the hip hop international commenced with the sampling of musical works from DMX and Lauryn Hill as early as 1998. After his stint at Calvin university, Michigan, US, he delved into poetry while pursuing a career in business and Economics. There, he executed frequently on the school’s principal hip hop indicates and concert events.

His astonishing rap flows and mindset received him a third-area finish on the Calvin college show tagged ‘HipHopera’ in 2003, which changed into absolutely the best “hip hop display” that Calvin college ever had. M.I. additionally made a few beginner attempts at comedy, however decided to paste to track because he became embarrassed when nobody laughed but him….

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