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Parach Daily Devotional: By Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Major 1

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Parach Daily Devotional: By Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Major 1. The favor of the Lord by Prophet Shepherd Bushiri
Scripture Reference: Psalm 90:17
“Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands upon us; yes, establish the work of our hands!”
A friend of mine once told me that when he Żies from Houston to Los Angeles, it takes thirty minutes longer to get there than it does when he Żies back. This is because, when he is Żying from Houston to Los Angeles, the jet stream Żies from west to east, against the winds, slowing the entire craft down. The jet has to work harder, use more fuel, and expend more energy. However, when traveling back, it is the total opposite. You can say, the jet stream Żies in his favor. It uses less energy and saves more time.

The same principles apply in life. When the favor of God is upon your life, you don’t have to
źght hard to breakthrough. You reach destinies faster than your colleagues- you attain rewards without toiling. Favor makes things easy and multiplies the fruits of your labor.
Action Point:
I need you to know that one touch of Gods favor can catapult you further than you ever
imagined. Even if you are not where you thought you would be and life is not moving the way you wish it could move. Don’t worry. God knows how to make up for lost time. He knows how to accelerate things. Whilst in the pit, Joseph never could have imagined that he would be prime minister- but the favor of the Lord secured his destiny. Whilst In the bush, David could never have imagined that he would, one day, be crowned warrior and king, but the favor of the Lord overtook him.
Receive your favor now in Jesus name!


    • Papa major1 Christmas is by the coner and I am expecting payment of a job I did and I have not head anything yet and I want to be in pretoria on the 29th for the sir cross over sir make miracle

  • Major one l have been watching u for almost three years now and l have not had any miracles my children are already so discouraged. I have made all contact to travel down to ECG to meet u after u prayed for me in my dreams and l don’t have the means.A fraudster collected money from me claiming to be u .please sir am even becoming discouraged can’t u do anything to help me and my kids out of our problems? I believe u are a true prophet but why can’t l get my miracle also.Right now l need financial breakthrough, good job with house and car abroad,and me and my children living together in the luxury we deserve from abroad.major one please help us we are suffering a lot becos of a failed marriage. Urgent reply sir.

    • I need prayers. I need financial breakthrough,I have lots of debts and ‘m blacklisted. I need healing I have painfully legs.

  • Pray for me pap to gett baby in our marriage I want twis .and pray for My mother thers spirit of mand want to attack him. Also my husband to save God Major one

  • Hello my Papa in the Lord My Prophet Major 1. Please pray for me and my family to increase our spiritual life. I ask to open my heart to Jesus and to be favor by God Jehovah . I believe that my story is changing when you read and see my comments. I connected to be protected . Merry Xmas Papa and Mama and I love you my parents in the Lord .

  • Pray for my family,ask God to bless us financially and clear my husband’s debts.May the God of Major 1 bless me with a job in 2018.

  • Amen I need the holy spirit in me, touch me now. I need the grace to break the spirit of stagnation, poverty, delay, lack, and deliverance for me and my family, I need a car, and a house.I need wisdom.

  • Pray for me please major am your regular TV follower in Zambia, I need to be connected financially and spiritualÿ. I’m in need of you major 1 I receive, I receive papa,my family is in danger here I need your prayers so that I become stable papa

  • papa pray for my financial situation to get a job for more than 4yrs now have not been working it not really going but i believe as you set your eyes on this i recieve d miracle job in
    jesus mighty name amen major provovo

    • Dear papa ppls realseme fifaince to pay for my house i brought help my owner not to take any action for i have not tried for a loan i am not getting for i dont have good bank statements good health in the family good business my son to secur good percent in SSC this march give him goodind to study n all who appearing forDZC this year help to habe a properhouze help finince. To come in i sldomt know how to celebrate chrisad with not a po moey iny hand no clothes to wear but i have faith in God he will provide me AMEN

  • Lord have mercy heal and deliver me from this very sickness respiration problem,lord this is not that very time my worldly parents is still living when you cry your mother won’t be relaxed, this the time only you God can do everything for me,lord I am sick I can’t work any longer I rely on you God have mercy.touch somebody’s heart to help me I am helpless,no food even my house rent.i am already in depts.please lord have mercy

  • Ooh my spiritual Father Major 1 pray for me to GOD to deliver me from what is holding me not to get a better job employment, get a car, build a house need to start a business but I don’t know how to start because no capital. let me be one of the billionaires restore time wasted in my past years , my family, my children not happy in even one day I don’t have what to provide for them please I don’t know this kind of torment sickness every month, accidents, please I need your favor in my situation.

  • Pray for me papa. I believe your God to perform a miracle instantly and reverse the divorce idea in my spouse ts mind and to withdraw that divorce summons. I am waiting on you my papa. See you soon at Fnb stadium

  • I live in south Africa,Im the son of God.I pray every night but nothing change in my life.I have 2 kids boys they go to not working I have no place to stay.I have nothing ,and im nothing.pray for me to men who wanto homeless.give me a prayer.

  • im 35old,I have 2 kids they go to not working.I have no place to stay with my kids.I live with my brother with her is too hard for me.I dont know what I did in this world.I pray to God to forgive me for what I did.I try oll of my haert,to get anyanything in my life.I get nothing,im nothing.I dont what can I do.pastor pls pray for me to get better take cure of my child,my help those ho can’t eat and homeless.pray for me.

  • God of Major 1 the God of my Fearless Prophet my Papa in the Lord Major 1. I thank you for giving us a real Prophet of this generations . Thank you Jesus . Thank you Papa for praying for us your sons and daughters in the Lord. And as I connected to be Protected please may you be so kind and pray for me and my family. Change my story and my family . I ask in the name of Jesus . Amen.

  • I need a blessing I’m a single mother of 5 kids it’s hard but I believe in the power of prayer I need to be blessed for a place to stay car I stay with my sister and her kids in a 2 bedroom trialer I been down for a minute yes I need prayers I was in a bad car accident in 2015 broke my arm. It’s still broken having a hard time getting to Bham to get it fixed I’m suffering for depression Stressed Mood swings I have cut all my hair off I’m just not myself anymore I don’t do nothing but cry I’m been getting Talk About seems like no one wants to help me with my kids at one point I was giving up but my god that I Serve is also I can’t get Justice form the girl who I was involved in the accident with she did it on purpose I’m in need for a break through Jesus I come to you with all my problems worries I have three kids ADHD the gospel song Say’s when you done all you can do just stand pastor I really need help I need help I don’t know which way to go but I’m a child of God I want let my kids see me give up on them I’m truly appreciate you help if you can make it out for me and my Jesus name I pray amen amen 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💪💪😢😢😢😢😢

    • I need prayers. I need financial breakthrough,I have lots of debts and ‘m blacklisted. I need healing I have painfully legs.I need a job and I want to start a business. 0769770399,

  • Please pray for me I need financial break through,and promotion at work.I’m trying with all I have but seems like I’m just not getting anywhere.i tried to speak to relevant people but they are not helping in anyway.I’m a mother of kids I have to provide for them.I need a home for them and give them the life they deserve.May 2018 be a prosperous and pleasant year for me

  • Please pray to Jesus Christ my God and Lord and savior to help me with my finances and get my husband a Job and to heal me inside and out from my head to my toes and to please heal my mom she has suffered long enough in Jesus Name Amen.

  • I have many things to ask but I will ask about to keep me save from temptation and give me more power to Stay strong.

  • pray for me papa nothing is moving ineed job,miracle money,kids,marriage,breakthrough,car and house in the mighty name of jesus christ amen

  • Papa major 1,pray for me and my brothers and sisters, and I am asking God to give me financial breakthrough so that I we support his work by blessing the work of hands this year 2018.

  • Major 1,pray for me to receive blessings of fruit of my womb this year 2018,help me papa to get Married and to have a successful life,help me to be happy,healthy and give me wisdom to understand God’s words…. Major 1,i believe and i am sure you can help me. Help me to be financial stable and have a permanent job papa.. Amen

  • Man of God… Speak and I believe it shall be done… I need miracle money, power to prosper, divine favour, financial freedom, better jobs,good health

  • My of God please pray for my son he is waiting for admission at University, debts cancellation, healing in my family and financial breakthrough.

  • God of major one cover me with your precious blood. I need you in my life and restore my account and I need direction, breakthrough, favor in Jesus name amen

  • God of major 1 I need ur prayers I am sick and I want God to heal me I don’t want to take medicine again I need ur prayers papa

  • God of Major 1 you are the pillar that holds my life may I expand under your care , May I be blessed in Jesus Christ name Amen

  • every time I share ur post but nothing happen,please pray for me to have a good n permanent job, change my life so that I can pay my kids school fees .

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