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Top 10 Best Youngest Footballers In England

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Top 10 Best Youngest Footballers In England. England is well known as one of the country with most of the richest clubs, famous and richest footballer in the world and surprisingly, the current richest club in the world is in England. We are about to showcase to you guys the England best soccer players that will blow your mind.

These set of players are the best ever had footballers in England current. They are skilful, smart and fit to play in any football club in the world. Now search no more, as we bring to your finger tips the top 10 names/ list of the greatest soccer players in England. These guys are good!

10. Eric Dier Best Youngest Footballers In England

Wait a minute, what is happening here; another Tottenham Hotspur player again. Well, Eric Jeremy Edgar Dier globally known as Eric Dier is an English professional soccer player whose has a multiple skills and football pattern. The reason why we made the above statement about him is that, Eric Dier is one of the few player in England the has the ability to play as defensive midfielder, centre-back and right back at the same time. The most interesting fact about this guy is that he is so versatile and of cause plays for his country team as well.

9. Dele AliYoungest Footballers In England

Bamidele Jermaine popularly known as Dele Ali is a young talented English footballer who once won the PFA Young Player of the Year and was also took the eight places in Gazzetta dello Sport in 2016 and many other important awards as well. When talking about the relevant midfielders in Tottenham Hotspur, Dele Ali should be on the list too, because this guy is one of the few skill footballers in the world. He plays for England national team as well and of cause securing the number 8 jersey in his current club ( Tottenham Hotspur) what an amazing and extra-ordinary one of a kind player.

8. Reheem SterlingFootballers In England 

Reheem Shaquille Sterling, the 2014 Golden Boy award winner. The 22 years old Reheem Sterling was recognized / appreciated by the Golden Boy title as a result of been the youngest under 21 playing for Europe. Did you know that Sterling was once the most expensive English player in 20156? Yes he was! As a matter of fact, he was bought by Manchester City with over 49 million pound. He is one of the Manchester City key wingers and attacking midfielder presently and this guy is pretty good at the number eight position on our top 10 list today.

7. Jamie VardyGreatest England Players of All Time

This guy ‘’Jamie Richard Vardy’’ popularly known as Vardy is another extra-ordinary football expert with the Leicester City number 9 jersey and of cause, the major key striker for both his present and his country team.  This is the only player that broke Ruud van Nistelrooy’s record by scoring in eleven Premier League matches consecutively. No wonder he was crowned the Premier League Player of the Season! And not only that, he was also given the FWA Footballer of the Year title; what a guy.

6. Ross Barkleybest England international footballers

Ross Barkley is another best 23 years old English professional footballer who plays for both the England national team and his current club (Everton) as an attacking midfielder. Most coaches and his fellow footballers see him as a compares him other England greatest footballers; such as Wayne Rooney, Michael Ballack & Paul Gascoigne because of his football pattern.

5. John TerryHighest Rated England FIFA Players

Another England best is here! The almighty John Terry who is globally known as a sturdy, tenacious, commanding and physical defender, who excels within the air and is understood for his aggressive tackling, positioning, management and his potential to study the game. In 2005 Terry was recommended as the best UEFA Club Defender of the Year, which he maintained till 2009. This guy  36 years old ‘’John Terry’’  an English professional soccer player, who was once Chelsea F.C. Captain but currently plays for Aston Villa at the Centre-back position is an extra-ordinary god of soccer.

4. Frank LampardEnglish Football Players best

Lampard is considered the Chelsea’s greatest player ever and made 164 consecutive Premier League appearances, in Chelsea! What a record for an outfield player. In 2008, Frank Lampard was the highest paid footballer in the world and in 2009 he won a second FA Cup winners’ medal, as a result of scoring the 19 minutes left mind-blowing winning goal that gives Chelsea the FA Cup victory for the.

3. Joe Hartgreatest English soccer players

Meet the 30 years old Joe Hart, an English professional footballer whose currently playing for Manchester City F.C. as a goalkeeper. He started his football career at his hometown club Shrewsbury Town F.C.  And in 2006, he processed to the top-flight Manchester City. Hart has made numerous great records internationally, local and been recognized as one of the greatest goalkeeper of all time.

Joe Hart won the Golden Glove for keeping the cleanest sheets throughout the Premier League season in 2010. He worth calling the England best! What a great guy.

2. Harry Kanehighest England best paid

Harry Kane is an England professional footballer who was born in 1993 in Chingford, England, currently playing at the forward positions for Tottenham Hotspur F.C.  He made his first-team debut for Tottenham in 2011 in a UEFA Europa League, a match against the ‘’ Heart of Midlothian F.C. Harry Kane started playing for England at a very tender age, which begins from under 17, 19, 20 to 21 and scored his first senior global debut on 27 March 2015 and was chosen for the UEFA Euro 2016 that was hosted by France and won by Portugal; actually their first title. However, Harry Kane is currently considered one of the best England footballers in history.

1. Wayne Rooney

Here comes the number England best footballer currently, even though he’s now having a less appearance on pitch however,  there’s absolute confidence that the 31 years old Wayne Rooney is still taken into consideration as the number one of the greatest players within the international and he is arguably the greatest English player of his era. Rooney was once the top rated Manchester United striker ever had in history, been firmly inside the spotlight is one of the reason that is making him the best ever. His League debut for Everton at the age of 16 is one of the most appropriate League debut. In summary, Rooney is a powerful, hard-operating and passionate; an unselfish celeb you should know about.

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