Top 10 Most Darkest Secrets Of All Time In The World

Top 10 Darkest Hidden Secrets In The World

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Top 10 Darkest Hidden Secrets In The World. The world is filled of secrets, the ones you keep, and the ones that are kept from you. The world is also full of mysteries and untold stories and histories that many has gone to grave without unfolding them. Sometimes, you rather let go of your imaginations to avoid going mental while trying to understand the real truth that was hidden right from the foundation of the world. Today, am going to show you guys top 5 hidden secrets you probably never knew or heard about.

10. The U.S. Oil Deposits Location

This is another one biggest secret that has been kept from people for a very long time now, maybe for a security reasons or something else. The exact site of the mining of the U.S. Oil has been a hidden secret and will still remains a secret till the world ends. It was once said that if the American government discover an oil well on your land, the will pay a huge amount of money and ask you to swear not to disclose it will anybody. And today, the United States oil deposits location is now one of the biggest secrets in the world.

9. KFC Chicken RecipeHidden Secrets

KFC Chicken is widely known as the American franchise of fast food restaurants that specialized on freshly prepared fried chicken. We all knows that the KFC Chicken contains eleven spices, mixed with the flour which brings out the irresistible aromas that drives people crazy; but the main species that really makes KFC Chicken the best is kept secret from the world since 1940 till now. Even the name of the two decision-makers that works in the company is kept secrets as well.

8. Jack The RipperDarkest Hidden Secrets

Have you for once imagined who Jack the Ripper was? This guy was a well known sequential murderer who has committed many offences in London about 129 years ago, yet his identity wasn’t found even by the police till the day he died; which nobody knows whether if he’s truly died or still alive. But 129 years is not a small numbers, so we believe that he’s gone by now. This man Jack the Ripper, had anatomical or surgical acquaintance to be able to have  commit all the atrocities he committed, such as pulling out the livers of the victims, cutting of throats, strangling of poor innocent people.

7. The Pyramid Constructiondarkest Secrets

Have you ever thought of this before? How the Ancient Egyptian Pyramid was built. The Pyramid building techniques quite a mysterious hiding secret that are been kept from the world, for a reason best known by the builders. Several greatest historians and archaeologist and other genius in the world has carried out some scientific research about the contractions of this building and what it’s made of, yet without any reasonable results of. This building is about five centuries and you should know that none of the builders which are the Ancient Egyptians will be alive till now and the story behind it can only be well told by them.

6. Heaven And Hell Fire SecretWorld's Biggest Secrets of All Time

This is one of the secrets that many religious leaders don’t even know anything about. Some might be preaching or talking about it, but without the full knowledge of what Heaven and Hell fire is, and were they could be found. Some fortunate folks that died and resurrected has said many stories about these two place, how nice and beautiful heaven is, and how bad and terrible hell is. Of cause everybody would want to go to heaven after hearing the terrible stories about hell fire; but the real secrets about these two places will be reveal on the judgment day.

5. Coca-Cola Formulae SecretSecrets Only Two Living People Know

Have you ever imagined or wonder why coca-coca still remains one of the best selling soft drinks in the World? Have you ever searched of the reason why no any other soft drinks company has overtaken coca-cola company? Did you know that the ingredients which coca-cola is made of are kept secret between few employees under oath of not revealing it till the day they die? This is one of the secrets that the world needs to know about. But the big question is, when? How? And through who?

4. U.S. Medical Secret

Did you know what a Hippocratic Oath is? A Hippocratic Oath is a kind of oaths taken by American medical doctor to protect the medical report of their patient. So an American medical doctor rather dies than exposing the medical report of his or her patient. The medical report could only be access by an authorized personnel or the safety of others depend on it. Many of you must have experience such thing in the hospital before, maybe you thought the doctor just feel like not revealing the medical report you seek for, not knowing that it was actually enforced by America’s law.

3. U.S Nuclear SecretThings You Can't Know

After knowing more of the U.S nuclear secret, you could figure out why The United State are called the World power and could remain the World power till the end of time. The U.S nuclear was so protected by the government to the extent that anybody that tries to access the information / the nuclear lunch code by illegal or legal way for his own personal interest could put his life and that of his family in danger. The secret of the U.S nuclear is only made known to few U.S department of Defense senior officers only, hence it still remain a secret since it is only made known to few individual; probably by oath of not disclosing it to anybody no matter what.

2. The New World Order Secret

Could this be true? Is the new world order going to come to pass? Many people believe that the new world order is going to be accomplished by the entrepreneur elite, some are pointing finger at the Illuminati, the Catholic Church, the governments, etc. the new world order is one of the greatest dark hiding secrets of the world as nobody know who’s going to make it come to pass and the world is shivering as a result of this.

1. HIV /AIDS Secret Declassified Secrets

The cure of HIV / AIDS is another hidden secret that has sent many people to their early grave, while trying to figure out how HIV / AIDS came about. Many people believe that this deadly disease came through animal i.e. the act of human being, having sexual intercourse with animal such as dog and horse. While some persons believe that HIV / AID was created by some scientists, for a purpose best known by the creators. Some said that it is a punishment from God to humans for not obeying all Gods commandments. But in-spite of all these assumptions, the cure of HIV / AIDS still remain unknown; despite the claims of getting healed by some pills or miracles from above. But believe me you, soon and very soon, this hidden secret will be made known.


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