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Top 10 Long Life Tips For Adults And Teenagers

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Top 10 Long Life Tips For Adults And Teenagers. Have you ever wondered why our forefather last longer than the way we do this days? Do you think they are vampires or something? Don’t you know that there is a hidden secret behind their long life span? Okay, am going to reveal the five about them and what you should start doing in order to last longer than they were. We have got things that will make you healthier and stronger than your forefathers

If you stick to the five things am about to show you, will come back with a testimony because your lifestyle and health is going to change for good without you getting admitted in the hospital all the time. Yes you can do it, it might seem difficult at first, but if you continue without giving a break, you will soon or later get used to it and start enjoying it.

Good luck.

10. Enough Good SleepAdults And Teenagers

Why you should need enough sleep is that, when you are asleep, your postural muscles will be relaxed, your nervous system will automatically be inactive, while your two eyes are closed, making the condition of your body and mind look good without been conscious of anything at all.

9. Personal Hygiene Habit

Long Life

How will you feel when you are been told by a friend or relative that you have a mouth odour or body odour? You will bad and embarrass right? Of cause you will. Don’t be lazy, you need a personal hygiene that you don’t needed to be remind of or force to do by your parents, guardians or anybody else. Always wash your hands with an antiperspirant, your private parts often with a medicated soap without the three times in a day bathing habit of yours. Always wash your cloths, especially your inner wears, change them often as well and always make sure that your shoes are dry always.

8. Laugh  A Lot 

Do you know that people that always frond their face grow older than their real age? And this is why you need to learn how to laugh and always having a big smile on your face. This is the best thing you could do for yourself right now, as it has been proven beyond every reasonable doubt that laughter relieves stress. Always put a smile on your face even when you are angry, and see how fresh and young you will look and how you will be loved by the people around you. Do you want to look sexy and enticing? Then, try this and see how sexy and enticing you will look and more especially, how long your life span and the relationship between you and your spouse will last.

7. Meditation

You need a quite time at least 30 minutes in your closet every day, sit down and think, imagine every imaginable thing you know, with a smile on your face. Meditate with your God, think of all the beautiful and amazing moment you had in your relationship, with your family, your friend and those at your working place. If you keep on doing this, you will see a different in all your daily activities. Always be happy with yourself and the people around you, you don’t have to hit a jack pot before doing so.

6. Exercise / Healthy FoodLong Life Tips For Adults And Teenagers

Exercise will help in improving your health and fitness, as you will look everyday stronger and younger. And talking about healthy food the intake of healthy foods especially more of fruits are very important in the human body system. Be careful of the way you consume sweet and sugary things as it may cause you a metabolic dysfunction.


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