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Top 10 Ways Of Getting Bitcoins On Facebook

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Top 10 Ways Of Getting Bitcoins On Facebook. Am sure you must have fallen victim several times to some of these websites claiming that they mined bitcoin. False-false-false there is nothing like that! You rather join a smaller or bigger investment circles to add to 5-10% to you bitcoins. Forget about those scammers out there claiming to know what they have no idea about. Now forget about all those conk and bull stories and face the reality. Today am going to be show you guys top 10 good ways of getting free bitcoins on facebook without stress. You spend hours on facebook right? This is for you then, don’t miss out!

10. Facebook AccountBitcoins

On this stage, all you need to do is to create a new facebook account or use your existing account. Put all the necessary information required, accept the friends suggested to you by facebook, add the friends you feel like adding, optimize your account the way it suit you, add some bitcoin legit dealers, then get ready for business!

9. Create An Email AddressFacebook

Now you need an email address where your wallet information will be sent to. This is the place you are going to see your wallet ID and your wallet confirmation link. You also need it in confirmation of your facebook account i.e. if you are registering a new facebook account.

8. Create A Wallet

On this stage, all you need do is to create a wallet such as blockchain and coinbase wallet because this two companies has gain the trust of the people for a while now. So look for a way to create a wallet with them for the safety of your coins when you finally get them.

7. Wallet ConfirmationWays Of Getting Bitcoins On Facebook

I guess you must have finish registering / applying for a bitcoin wallet by now, so all you have got to do now is to login your email to confirm your wallet for the very first time. This is a must; you have no choice than to do that. You can also built and secure you wallet through there too.

Your Bitcoin Wallet Address

At this level, you now have to copy your wallet address which you are going to be used in receiving bitcoins into you blockchain or coinbase wallet. Make sure you do it right, mistakes are very dangerous in this copying of wallet address; to avoid too much questions and answers.

6. Paste It On You Facebook Timeline

Now you are getting closer, all you need to do after copying the wallet address is to come to your facebook wall and past it. Now make sure you set your privacy to ‘ONLY ME’ so that other people won’t see what you posted; you will be the only one to see it on.

5. The Next Day

Now you have done the entire necessary thing needed in getting to your dreamland, so you need some rest. You don’t have to rush, sit back and relax for a while before embarking on the road to success. Also take your time to read more about bitcoin in order to know what you are going into.

4. The Dealers Enquiry

On this stage, you need to make an enquiry about the nearby legit bitcoin dealers, send them friend request, they will surely accept you friend request. At least you are almost there; you should be smiling by now. I can feel your smiles over here, three more steps to the greener pasture!

3. Build A Relationship With The Dealers

Now you have sent the friend request and they have accepted you, no need of rushing in asking them too many questions about bitcoin again. Besides you must have known more or less about bitcoin by now. So just build a strong trust and relationship with them, as you are about to hit the jackpot.

2. Second To The Last

Wow, you are almost there! Just one more step ahead of you and all your problems will be solved. So if I were you, I will prepare a good delicious meal and drinks that I will eat and drink after everything. You should do so because you are about to become a millionaire in dollars in no time

1. Getting Your BitcoinGetting Bitcoins

Finally here you are! Don’t worry this is the last stage of ’’ how to get your bitcoin on facebook without stress’’ now I believe that you must have don’t all needed to do, including getting trusted bitcoin dealers. Now try to know the currency / method of payments the dealers accept. If paypal, payoneer , Tbc , bank or other means, make sure you fund enough money in those account. Negotiate with them, collect their payment details and pay into their account; then expect to see your bitcon in your wallet. By doing so, you will become rich and famous in no time.

Hope this article is helpful and goes well with your expectations?

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