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Videos On: How To Get Bigger Hips, How To Get Wider Hips & How To Get Thicker Thigh Faster

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Do you wanna know how to build your hips naturally without any side effect? Okay, first of all, the hourglass figure is something that most guys select in a lady. It represents a robust image of feminine splendor in addition to a wholesome representation of precise genes.  well-known celebrities like Nikki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, and Sofia Vergera are amongst a few boasting this kind of sexy curvacious figures.

And due to all of the above, increasingly girls round the world try acquire a sexier appearance via getting wider hips to sculpt out that hourglass parent they preference.

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Now increasing your hip size isn’t always the very best muscle on your body to beautify. but it can be executed, and it’s miles absolutely worth it.

Hip-Enhancing Exercises You Must Do

The main muscles of the hips are the gluteus maximus, minimus, medius and the tensor fascia latae. These are the muscles that we will primarily want to work.

I want to say that you do not want to neglect on the big and main exercises, like the squat, lunge, etc. These types of exercises are what target the most muscle groups at a time. And these will be the best for toning, sculpting, and popping your overall lower body curves (hips, thighs, butt).

But I have already discussed that above, so now I will be going over some great hip building exercises below that you can use as well, as they are specifically targeted for widening the hips.

1. Side Lying Hip Abduction

Since we are focused on growth, we want to do the exercise relaxing a dumbell on the leg we will be lifting into the air. You should do each rep with your leg and hips lower than in this video, as to avoid over-stretching and injury when weight is applied.

2. Standing Side Abduction

This is same as a side lying hip abduction, except its from a standing position. Simply hold onto a wall and grab a dumbbell. Allow the dumbbell to relax against your outer thigh and raise that leg. Keep your back straight, and upright while doing this. As you cans see by the picture this can also be done via a resistance band for making your hips wider.

3. Sumo Walk for Hips

Recommend doing these at the ankle level, or whatever you prefer. Be sure to keep an ever so slight bend in the knees throughout the entire exercise to reduce unneeded strain and recruit more glute activation.

4. Side Lunge

When these start to get too easy, there is an alternative way to perform these to avoid less stress on the knees while using a weighted barbell. Another great option for your making your hips look wider.

So be sure to remember that proper exercise and nutrition is of the utmost importance and truly the only way of getting bigger hips. Sadly getting your desired results cannot be accomplished by something as easy as a cream or pill — important things in life seldom ever are.

Be sure to follow the advice, and check out the resources I mention on this page for a perfect starting foundation.

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