10 Fruits and Vegetables For Healthy Brighten Teeth

7. Cucumber

The cucumber is a widely cultivated plant of the pumpkin family Cucurbitaceae. Cucumber juice is also suitable for people with tooth and gum problems, especially pyorrhoea. Cucumber is a good source of fibre and this fibre massages the teeth and gums.

8. Carrots

Carrots contain vitamin A, which are healthy tooth enamel. Raw consumption stimulates saliva, the natural cleanser of your mouth. Carrots act as natural abrasives that help remove dirt and plaque from teeth and gums. They also trigger a lot of salivae, which helps to remove stains from teeth. Minerals contained in carrots help kill germs in the mouth and assist in the prevention of tooth damage.


9. Celery

Celery is an effective weapon against the bacteria in your mouth. Also, celery is sturdy, has a very little colour and consists mainly of water and works well as a natural tooth cleaner. The consumption of celery absorbs plaque that has accumulated on the teeth. It also helps to clean the grooves between the teeth and keep them free of food and germs.

10. Garlic

Apart from giving you steady breath, garlic is a reliable ally when it comes to dealing with toothache. Garlic is an excellent natural home remedy for the pain associated with incident wisdom teeth, abscessed teeth and cavity in general. A well-known remedy for toothache is peeling a clove of garlic and applying it directly to the painful tooth.