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7 Secret Ways To Catch A Cheating Partner


Gaslighting is a very common and cruel strategy among cheaters. If you want to know how to catch someone cheating on you, this is one of the biggest signs you should look for.

The act of gaslighting is a process where individuals essentially make their significant other feel crazy. The reason this works so well is that it flips the guilt and the spotlight off of them and onto the victim.

Gaslighting gives the cheater ultimate control through manipulation and is considered a form of mental abuse.

If you begin to ask any seemingly harmless questions and your partner blows them out of proportion or get overly defensive, they may be gaslighting you.

If you express any concern about their possible infidelity, they may go into a rage or try to make you feel bad instead of calming your nerves and calmly reassuring you.

The ultimate goal of this tactic is to make you feel unsure of yourself, guilty, insecure, and more codependent than before.

By doing this, the cheater in the relationship is able to maintain total control of the relationship and keep both relationships going at the same time.

It’s not uncommon to call your significant other and have them not answer their phone. Maybe a text goes unanswered for a few hours every here and there because they didn’t see it.

While these occurrences happen on a semi-normal basis, it should definitely be a warning sign if it suddenly begins to happen much more often than usual.

This sign should be especially alarming if you’ve noticed that they are often on their phone and answer your texts or phone calls immediately.

When your partner does return from they are and try to act like it wasn’t a big deal or make you feel paranoid, there is a good chance that they are hiding something.

The saying “trust your gut” doesn’t come from nowhere. Your brain picks up on a lot of things that you may not consciously realize. The way your partner talks to you, certain mannerisms, their schedule, their scent, etc.

This tip can be thought of as a combination of all 5 before it.

Think of all the steps prior to this as a puzzle. If your partner is exhibiting one or two pieces of this puzzle, it can probably be addressed or even shrugged off depending on how much trust you have for them.

If 3,4,5 or more odd pieces of the puzzle come together, your gut or intuition will tell you that something is wrong.

If things do feel off, don’t doubt yourself.

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