8 Facts Why Guys Love Short Girls

1.  Guys feel more powerful in the relationship.

How we behave in a relationship is largely interconnected and determined by our psychological needs. Often a man unconsciously wishes to feel more dominant in his relationship. Acts that are as simple as sticking out above your girlfriend or even choosing a relationship from the top are there to make you automatically feel more powerful in your relationship. A man usually sees a relationship as a combination of love and power struggle, so the height on his side leaves him with feelings that belong to a triumphant winner.

2. Short women look like they need protection from the world.

Short women have an innate ability to influence the behavior of people around them. For some reason, people want to keep the smaller woman safe and protected. Their size makes them seem more vulnerable, even if they can take care of themselves. The physical vulnerability makes them sweet and precious and attracts many admirers.

3. It is beautiful to embrace them.

Guys love to embrace shorter women. A friend of mine is currently dating one and hasn’t stopped rejoicing that her size is perfect. Hugs with shorter women involve the head under the chin, a feeling similar to that of two puzzle pieces.

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